What is Joy Between the Lines

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I've recently come upon what I will call ‘opportunities’ to clear space in my life.  Create space too. The subject of space has come up a lot for me lately. At my job, in my home, and in my private practice; however even more so...in my heart.  

I was destined to be a therapist; strangely attracted to Lucy VanPelt’s psychiatry booth, where she casually gave Charlie Brown advice, I liked the idea of helping others talk through their problems (although we know Snoopy was the wisest of all the Peanuts Gang!). I’ve grown a knack to see things through a multifaceted lens. It used to feel as if I were chronically indecisive; but through lots of trials, training, instruction, learning who I am, and schooling, I came to realize that this is one of my gifts. When we try to do all of this discovery on our own, it doesn’t always feel clear; we feel something like muddling through and feeling confused and indecisive. Thankfully our great God steps in and takes over sometimes! Despite our best efforts, He is there to give rest, clarity, and direction; it’s all for the asking! 

Hello to you! My name is Gwen. I am a wife, mom, therapist, school counselor, and a child of The King. My husband Chris and I have been blessed with one beautiful, precocious daughter who is growing up waaaaaay too quickly! (Can SOMEONE stop this crazy ride for just a minute?) She astounds me daily; she’s curious, tender, chatty, and deep thinking. And beautiful inside and out! I live with these two wonders as well as our boxer, Buster, whom I affectionately refer to as “the beast”. He was a gift too. He came into our lives spontaneously and won our hearts just as fast.  

My life is filled with a full time job, a part time counseling practice, lots of involvement in my church, and an incredibly full, messy, chaotic, yet inexplicably blessed life! All of these things mean I have lots of things going on in a day, week, or even afternoon. Multitasking seems to be my daily doom! I say doom, not out of pessimism...but at my utter failure to do this well and to any sense of completion. Distraction is the bain of my productivity; it makes my moments feel crowded and encumbered. When I think of space….even 5 minutes seem luxurious, but I strive to use them for something other than facebook so I don’t feel that I’ve wasted it.

Space is joy between the Lines. Psalm 46:10 gives us the gift of space and time. God reminds us to “be still and know that I am God”. Do you know what that means? Rest. Letting go.  Permission to give the worries, anxieties, sadness, burdensome, overwhelmed feelings, family difficulties, loss, and change. We get to be still and allow God to speak to us, comfort us, organize us, and  give us that spiritual, emotional, and even physical rest we so crave. It’s truly a most generous, luxurious gift!

I like changing my space sometimes; and I really like creating space for purposes. Therapy space, arts and craft space, resting space, conversation space, quiet space…..all of it. It’s important. So here is a new space for you, for me, for us to explore a journey of experiencing joy….between the lines.  

Thanks for sharing time in my space today.